Langkawi, Malaysia Advertisements


Langkawi, Malaysia


Texture and color of autumn. Macau

rain background

The storm is coming. Langkawi, Malaysia

the host and the guest

  Langkawi, Malaysia

ox bathe

Langkwai, Malaysia


Langkawi means reddish brown eagle in colloquial Malay. Malaysia


Malayan couple working on their wedding album. Penang, Malaysia

pinocchio duck

Seems like a wooden duck being brought to life. Penang, Malaysia

“a world without string is chaos”

Randolf Smuntz said “a world without string is chaos”. I’m building a world with lots of them. Penang National Park. Malaysia

pencil filings

Penang Butterfly Farm. Malaysia

i’m no monkey!

Macaques on mangrove tour to the Kilim Nature Park in Langkawi, Malaysia

the big fish is going crazy

“Kept in a small bowl, goldfish will remain small. With more space this fish will double, triple or quadruple its size.”, in Big Fish quotes. Hong Kong

mid-autumn festival (中秋節)

Stanley Bay, Hong Kong




University of Macau

liberating mind

Trying to escape… Guangzhou, China

oolong tea

烏龍茶, meaning “black dragon tea”. Guangzhou, China

a lightning story

One-second-story from the balcony. Regular typhoon day in Macau


Head, trunk and limbs. Guangzhou, China

hide and seek

Child hiding from the seeker, yet caught by the photographer. Guangzhou, China


Chinese Sunshade. Guangzhou, China

inverted earth

Wall. Macau

cloud of smoke

Cloud of smoke resting over corn field after journey as from forest fire. Viana do Castelo, Portugal

the smoking rabbit

Evoking chinese year of the rabbit. Macau