sunshine vs cloudy sky

Each country has its own, but there’s no sunshine as wonderful as the one in my country. Perhaps I’m blind. Pousada Santa Maria do Bouro. Minho, Portugal

stumbling upon pretty things

Stumbling upon beautiful things like this, right in the middle of the street, makes everything else blurred. Maastricht, the Netherlands

my beautiful minho

Vilarinho das Furnas, Gerês, Minho, Portugal

shingle hills

From the old bridge. Maastricht, the Netherlands


Sunny day. Gaia zoo,in Kerkrade, the Netherlands

the twitters

The green birds seem to be trying to figure out how the blue one is doing. The blue bird “just want to be alone” . Gaia Zoo, in Kerkrade, the Netherlands

tchaikovsky: two little swans

Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade, the Netherlands

not a B&W

Snow makes all else look black. Maastricht,  The Netherlands

They were in the valley after all

Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia

spring (almost) networked

The garden of my house in Braga, Portugal


Sepilok. Malaysia

i’m no monkey! V

Proboscis monkeys in Kinabatangan river. Sabah Borneo, Malaysia


Kinabatangan river. Sabah Borneo, Malaysia


Street market in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Street market in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

praise the nap

Devotees sleeping in a temple. Singapore

his own sweet time

Hong Kong

tea & bird

Trekking near Chiang Rai, Thailand

beyond the light there are monkeys

Angkor wat. Angkor, Cambodia

angkor wat at sunrise

“Angkor” means “holy city”, “wat” means “temple” in Khmer (official language in Cambodia). Angkor, Cambodia

the apocalypse is now

Somewhere in Bali, Indonesia


Pura Tanah Lot. Bali, Indonesia


The shape of Portugal in Bali, Indonesia

i’m no monkey! IV

Monkey forest, Ubud. Bali, Indonesia


Near Candidasa. Bali, Indonesia

red dot

Candidasa beach. Bali, Indonesia

ceremonial gait

Pura Besakih, the mother temple. Bali, Indonesia

proper usage of tedungs

Pura Besakih, the mother temple. Bali, Indonesia

beautiful garbage

Tedungs are used mostly for Hindu religious ceremonies’ purposes, but also for home decorating. However, these two umbrellas are no longer useful, except for adorning the sea as beautiful garbage. WHAT A WASTE! Pantai Pasir Putih, the… Continue reading

gili beach colors

Gili Trawangan island in Lombok, Indonesia

gili sea colors II

Gili Trawangan island in Lombok, Indonesia

gili sea colors

Gili Trawangan island in Lombok, Indonesia

gili twilight colors

Gili Trawangan island in Lombok, Indonesia

bali drowning in

The jasmine flower is very common in Bali, Indonesia

christmas postcard

Taking advantage of my boyfriend’s dirty feet to make a christmas postcard for bad guys. Macau

who painted this?

Wedding day at St. Lawrence Church. Macau

where memories are

China Sea  from Macau

in blister

Fish market in Hong Kong

tricky incline

Regardless of  time or day I pass by this street, this bycicle is always in the same place, with the same plastic bag over the seat and attached to the bars. Macau

sin is prohibited

Religous procession in Hong Kong

! the old fashioned

My neighbor’s umbrellas. Macau


Flirtation: attention without intention. – Max O’Rell Macau

“slowly we unfurl”

Title: Lotus flower song, Radiohead. Macau

rapunzel is tying the knot

Waterfall in Chiang Rai, Thailand

butchery of bananas


work in progress

In tiny places like this, new buildings are rising overnight  in Macau

rice fields forever

Chiang Rai, Thailand

rice fields forever II

Chiang Rai, Thailand

spare change s.o.s.

I wonder why people use to throw coins in this kind of things… Does it help? Chiang Rai, Thailand

don’t be fooled!

I was suddenly forced to pay attention to this boy, who was striking different poses for the camera and laughing in between. He loved to mock people; at least me. Perhaps he had… Continue reading